Spa Dealers

We’re the hot tub experts in your area! Cal Spas has all kinds of information to help you maintain and care for that awesome new addition. Not only will we answer questions regarding maintenance but we are also the installers who can deliver anything from an individual hot tub to a swim spa. Cal Spas is your go to place if you are looking for spa dealers in your area.

Please note the showroom does not sell hot tub parts, filters or covers.

You can purchase these items through Cal Spas online part store:

Or call 1-800-Cal-Spas

Use your serial # to order.  You can locate your serial number on a metal plate on the right side of the hot tub cabinet, toward the bottom of the cabinet.

At this time, we only offer warranty service for hot tubs we have sold.  We are unable to provide outside service for other brand hot tubs are older Cal Spas hot tubs.  You may reach out to any local independent hot tub service company in the area for your service needs.